Painting.   Illustration.   Expressionism.  Pop Art.   Modern.  Realism (and, occasionally, a bit  of Abstraction).

I recently settled on some keywords for my work, And while grumbling about writing my statement again, I 've realized something about my work.

So here we go…

How do we, as people of differing backgrounds, cultures, and experiences interact with each other? Are we different people in a crowd than when alone? How do we fit in or stand out where we find ourselves at any given moment?

My current work centers on my consideration of how we respond to each other, the stories that develop between us and around us, and how our collective stories reflect on and influence us individually. How do our stories bounce off each other and combine to create new stories. My paintings are illustrations of the scenes that I encounter during my travels abroad and in daily life (so, some scenes are more sweeping than others).

Stories can come from anywhere, and there’s no predicting what they’ll reveal.  Body language, movement, color, contrast combine to illustrate my scenes of interaction between people and within environments. The excitement of being a part of something as unifying as a protest, the sense of adventure that comes from starting out with no particular destination, intimate moments with those we love and those we discover in  the big events and seemingly ordinary moments of everyday life.

What causes us to laugh together, wonder at together, sadden us together, causes us to become lost and find our way together, what we ultimately all  live with together inspire me and are where the scenes that I illustrate come from.

And what’s next? More travels, more adventures, more stories, more pictures, more work…..



Artist Statement

 working copy


A painter born and raised in Los Angeles, Denise grew up in a family of visual artists, including her father and grandfather, both cinematographers. Denise learned early on the importance of framing and lighting to set a scene and the power of stringing scenes together to tell a compelling story.

After graduating from California State University, Northridge, Denise worked as an Illustrator, Muralist, and Greeting Card Designer before discovering her métier of painting with acrylics and colored pencil. She is inspired largely by traveling with her family, and currently lives with her husband and son in Los Angeles.